Our Company’s Core Values

Do you have core values? At Superior Fuel Company, we make it a priority to take our values and turn them into ways to provide a greater service to fit your needs.


We believe that honesty is key:

We don’t want our customers freezing during the cold winter months! We will always be honest with our customers about the situation, and create a plan to ensure they are getting the service they need with no interruptions.


We value you:

Saving you money is one of the most important values we can provide to

you. With the past years increasing prices, we made sure to make protection plans to fit your needs and have great value. Customers who enrolled in our price protection plans saved a lot of money! No matter what the conditions are like, even during the supply shortages and skyrocketing propane costs, we continue(d) to offer our valuable price protection plans to all of our customers.


Our priority is keeping you safe:

Don’t worry if something happens at a random time, we offer 24/7 emergency response service to give you the peace of mind! Providing our customers with maximum safety is a top priority at Superior Fuel Company. We can help you ensure that your system is in safe and working order with a complete gas check. You will always be able to contact our team when you need service.


From one person to another, we believe that you deserve the best. We value and appreciate our customers immensely, and want to provide you with the greatest professionalism and efficiency. We value all of our customers feedback and love to see testimonies!


Being a business isn’t just about selling, and growing a company. It is so much more – an opportunity to create new friendships, build trust, and give back to the community. It warms our hearts knowing that so many people in the community do so much, so giving back is the least we can do. It is such an amazing opportunity to help out other people and gain so many rewards.