Sweet Summertime

FullSizeRenderAfter a dreadful winter and a seemingly endless spring, summer has finally arrived. Since it won’t last long, you should soak up every second you can of that glorious sun. Go on a roadtrip in the old RV, invite family and friends over for grilling, or put on a steaming pot of tea for an evening on the deck or by the fire. Whatever you decide to do this summer, make sure to check that your vehicle, grill, or appliances’ propane system is in proper and safelyworking order. (No one wants a safety issue while cooking their favorite hot dogs or jamming to an oldie in the RV.)

There’s nothing like taking a long trip in the RV, whether that’s a good or bad thing. Either way, make sure you will be making a safe trip: Know what modifications have been made to your vehicle so you can report them when your vehicle is checked. The Propane Education and Research Council recommends that you bring in your RV to a certified dealer once a year for a check.  Make modifications to your vehicle’s propane system if you know you need to upgrade, but DO NOT paint propane cylinders, valves, or mounting equipment because this could cover up service issues. Also DO NOT paint cylinders a dark color. Dark colors will absorb more of the sun, causing the gas to expand and potentially leading to a safety issue. Leave your propane system off while driving or refueling. Leaving your system on while driving or refueling creates huge risks. A line could break while driving, causing propane to leak into the RV, which could ignite with the smallest flame. So bottom line, remember to turn your system off. If you’re not feeling the road trip, a cookout in the back yard is always a great way to spend a summer night.  We at Superior Fuel love to grill out, and do it frequently throughout the summer.  We love to grill here at Superior Fuel Company and the photo above is our team member John LeBoeuf kicking off the grilling season.  He grilled lunch for the entire Superior Fuel team, and it was delicious.  Make sure you are practicing some basic propane grilling safety.  Here are a few tips:

● Only use your grill outdoors. Your propane grill should be placed at least 5 feet away from your home.

● Always use your grill in a well ventilated area.

● Make sure your grill is far away from dry bushes, flowers or plants.

● Never grill or store a cylinder in an enclosed area (like in a trailer, tent, house

● Make sure that your grill is firmly set in place, stable, and can’t be tipped over. Have a fun and safe rest of your summer!