What is the Superior Fuel Difference?

At Superior Fuel, we our mission is what separates us from the competition. We aim to provide the customers we serve with better value and pricing on Propane and Heating Oil. By operating our business in a manner that is honest and transparent we will build a rapport with our customers ensuring continued business long into the future. We will strive every day to exceed our customers' expectations, and demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism and reliability in the industry all the while providing fair and honest pricing.

What does fair and honest pricing mean when it comes to propane?

Fair and honest pricing is driven by our efficiencies in operating our company. We make strategic fuel purchases when market prices are favorable. Superior Fuel Company has several programs in place to ensure that our customers get the best price for their individual fuel consumption and needs. We strive to provide the best pricing that market conditions offer, as well as providing a stable price option, and pre-buy program. We also never raise rates for existing customers to attract new ones with unfair pricing

How does Superior Fuel keep costs down?

Our unique business model allows us to find efficiencies in operating our company. We make strategic fuel purchases when market prices are favorable. Purchasing fuel when demand is lowest, allows us to get the best pricing, and in turn pass the savings along to our customers.

What online payment and customer service options does Superior Fuel provide?

Superior Fuel has E-statements and paperless options for payment and delivery for our customers. These convenient options are available to all Superior Fuel customers on our website. You can simply click the “log in” button and enter your information to access your customer account directly on our website.

When should I place an order for heating fuel?

For propane, the best time to order is when you are between 20% to 30%. For fuel oil the best time to order is when you reach 25%.

How long does it take to get my delivery?

Once ordered, the average time to expect your delivery is within 5 business days.

How long does it take to get a tank installed?

The length of time to have a tank installed varies. The number of new customers, the priority need based on fuel remaining, and other factors will affect how long it takes before your tank is installed. We will always find a way to ensure your tank is installed before you have to worry about running out of propane.

Do I need to be home for a delivery?

With Superior Fuel Company’s electronic payment system you do not have to be home to receive a delivery. If you have a locked gate or locked tank, arrangements need to be made to ensure that delivery can occur when the truck arrives.

Why do you want somebody there when the tank is installed?

When a propane tank is installed a leak/pressure test must be preformed. Then the pilots on the appliances must be re-lit. Therefore, the tank installer will need to access those appliances. If the tank installer has access to the appliances the customer does not need to be home.

How do I know that I have received my delivery?

After the delivery is made the driver will leave a notice of delivery slip on one of your doors. We now offer paperless E-statements in addition to the hard copy statements that are provided by our delivery team at your home or commercial location. These electronic statements can be sent directly to an email of your choice.

Can I paint my tank if I own it, what colors are okay?

Once the tank has been paid in full you may paint your propane tank. You must use light colors to ensure the tank does not get too hot during the summer. During the summer, a tank painted black could become very hot and cause the propane to expand. That could lead to a release of excess pressure through the pressure relief valve.

In most circumstances we are able to transfer the propane into the tank we bring out. If the tank you currently have does not have a liquid withdrawal valve, or the valve is not functioning properly, we are sometimes unable to transfer the propane. In these situations we can leave the old tank hooked up so you can use up the rest of the propane.