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At Superior Fuel, our mission is what separates us from the competition. We aim to provide the customers we serve with better value and pricing on Propane and Heating Oil. By operating our business in a manner that is honest and transparent we will build a rapport with our customers ensuring continued business long into the future. We will strive every day to exceed our customers' expectations, and demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism and reliability in the industry all the while providing fair and honest pricing.

  • Residential Propane
  • Fuel Oil
  • Commercial Propane
  • Heating Assistance

Meet Our Driver

Meet Our Driver

Name: John Doe

  • Years Experience - 12 years
  • Time with Us - 8 years

Here's What Our Customer's Say

"I look forward to doing business with Superior Fuel. Your customer service by far outranks "Brand C." Best of all for me, I don't feel like I'm subject to being price-gouged by your company. Well done, everyone!"

- Nancy

"Hi Mark, I wanted to thank you again for the generous offer to provide my class with a propane tank for training. The opportunity to operate on a real propane tank when learning the critical skills involved with propane operations is invaluable. It enabled the students to experience a real world scenario and practice on the very same valves they may be called on to shut down in an emergency. I cannot thank Superior Fuel and you enough for making that happen. We are fortunate to have companies like Superior Fuel who are partnering with emergency service providers here in the community."

- Bob

“SFC is the best fuel company I have EVER dealt with, and believe me I’ve dealt with many ‘playing the game’. I love that new and existing customers get the same perks!!!”

- Sandy