Here's what customers are saying about Superior Fuel Company:

Here's what customers are saying about Superior Fuel Company:

Here are testimonials from customers we’ve helped over the years. If we use your story we’ll thank you for your time and feedback by giving you $25.

Here are testimonials from customers we’ve helped over the years.

"Thanks Laurie! You and everyone I've spoken with at Superior Fuel are the BEST! The staff has always been accommodating and pleasant to deal with. My many phone calls (with long lists of questions) have been answered patiently and effectively every single time. Wayne and Steve worked quickly and efficiently to install my new tank and make the necessary connections with minimal interruptions to my day. I truly appreciate the great service I've already received.

"I look forward to doing business with Superior Fuel. Your customer service by far outranks "Brand C." Best of all for me, I don't feel like I'm subject to being price-gouged by your company. Well done, everyone!"


"Hi Mark, I wanted to thank you again for the generous offer to provide my class with a propane tank for training. The opportunity to operate on a real propane tank when learning the critical skills involved with propane operations is invaluable. It enabled the students to experience a real world scenario and practice on the very same valves they may be called on to shut down in an emergency. I cannot thank Superior Fuel and you enough for making that happen. We are fortunate to have companies like Superior Fuel who are partnering with emergency service providers here in the community."


"My Superior Fuel Company salesman approached me last summer with different options for my commercial propane account. At that time the cost of propane was very reasonable. I asked the salesman what option he thought would be the best for me, I trusted him and thank God I did, because I saved almost $9,000 with the Preferred Pricing Program. Had I not locked in with the propane cost skyrocketing like it did this fall and winter, I don't know if my business would have survived without the Superior Fuel Company difference!"

Jon foster

Co-Owner of Boondocks Saloon & Grill, Duluth, MN

"When our supplier sent us a bill and told us that we would not have our gas delivered at our agreed upon price, we were furious. Then helpless. They had no options for us to start saving when we neeed it the most. Thankfully, we found Superior Fuel Company who offered us price protection and immediate savings."

Suzette & Gary Tedrick

Owners of Silver Rapids Lodge, Ely, MN

“I was worried about whether I could stay in my home, because my expenses were too high. Superior Fuel has not only been able to get me onto a good budget amount, but every year I have had a lower cost than with my old company. That includes the price of the tank! I get propane when I need it with no hassle, and the billing and the debiting of my bank account has always been accurate. I can’t say enough good things.”


Duluth, MN

“SFC is the best fuel company I have EVER dealt with, and believe me I’ve dealt with many ‘playing the game’. I love that new and existing customers get the same perks!!!”


Sturgeon Lake, MN

“I really appreciated the fact that they took the time to come out to my house to meet with me. Their representative explained all the programs they offered and helped me choose which program best suited my needs. They were even able to save me money.”

“The tank installer who switched out my tank was very knowledgeable and friendly. He showed me how my gas system had been incorrectly installed by my old provider and he was able to fix the problem.”

“The new price protection programs they offer helped me budget my expenses. It is such a relief to know what I am going to pay each month.”

“With the Stable Pricing program they offer I was able to get a fixed price for the year without having to pay for the propane up front. Superior Fuel allowed me to make small monthly payments so, this year I don’t have to worry about rising propane prices.”

“Making the switch to Superior Fuel was extremely easy. They came out to my house so I could fill out the paperwork and a few days later they brought out my propane tank. Now I am saving money every time I get a fill.”

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