Make the Switch Now from Fuel Oil to Propane To Heat Your Home This Winter

The time to heat with propane is now. With the rising cost of oil, there has never been a better time to switch to propane to heat your home. Converting from fuel oil to propane has many benefits 

and is inexpensive and easy to do. 

Ryan Seeley, Service Manager at Superior Fuel Company highlights the top four reasons you should switch from fuel oil to propane to heat your home:

1. Cost Savings & Efficiency

Heating with propane is inexpensive compared to other fuel sources. Propane prices remain relatively stable and are historically less expensive than oil. Like any other utility, prices are subject to some fluctuation. With propane, you can count on prices staying steady over time.

Clean-burning propane furnaces are highly efficient helping you get better heating quality. Propane furnaces also require substantially less maintenance annually than oil furnaces. You can expect to pay half the maintenance costs of an oil furnace which requires changing the nozzle, filter, and air filter every year.

2. Environmentally Friendly.

Propane’s clean-burning nature results in less waste and fewer harmful emissions than fuel oil. Oil produces a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. Propane has a lower carbon content than fuel oil. High-efficiency propane can play a significant role in fighting climate change with its tiny carbon footprint.

Oil leaks are another environmental consideration. An oil leak is an alarming event and cleaning it up is complicated. One might need to replace the tank and supply lines, contaminated soil, and possibly replace your home’s foundation. Having propane, the spill risk is rare compared to fuel oil. Propane is gas compressed and stored as a liquid and is non-toxic, colorless, virtually odorless, and safe. There are no spills, pools, or residue.

3. Convenient & Versatile

If you are using fuel oil, you are probably just using it for heating hot water. Propane can heat your home and power appliances like ovens, dryers, and water heaters. You can also use propane in your backyard for your grill, pool heater, patio heater, or lighting. Propane can also be used in standby generators and more! Switching to propane to heat everything in and outside your home means fewer bills and one provider to deal with.

4. Low Replacement Costs

A high-efficiency propane furnace is less expensive to install as a replacement system compared to a standard fuel-oil furnace. When switching to propane, you can choose to rent your tank, and the cost (labor and time) of maintaining the equipment is handled by your propane company. This gives you significant up-front savings.

If your goal is to have safe, efficient, reliable heat call the experts at Superior Fuel Company today at 218-722-2050 to start the process of updating your fuel oil tank and furnace to propane.

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