ProPay from Superior Fuel is a metered propane service that transforms the propane purchasing process. With our innovative approach, you only pay for the propane you use, when you use it. Experience hassle-free, pay-as-you-go convenience and let us take care of the rest. Say goodbye to those large propane fills throughout the year and embrace a more innovative, cost-effective way to purchase propane. 

How It All Works...


When you call and speak to one of our Customer Service Representative’s they will guide you through the enrollment process, answering any questions you may have, and collecting the necessary information for your application.


Once your enrollment process is complete, one of our skilled service technicians will visit your location to install a wireless meter and monitor on your propane tank.


With everything set up, you are now free to enjoy the convenience of propane for your various needs. Use as much or as little propane as you require, tailored to fit your lifestyle.


Our advanced monitoring system continuously tracks your propane levels and usage in real-time. This data enables us to schedule automatic deliveries, eliminating the need for you to manually place orders when supplies run low.


You will receive a detailed monthly statement outlining your propane usage, any additional charges or credits, and the total amount due.

Customer Service

Our dedicated team is readily available to address any inquiries, concerns, or issues you may encounter. Whether you have questions about your billing statement or require assistance with your propane supply, our customer service professionals are here to help.

Are You Ready To Experience The Convenience And Reliability That A Personalized Propane Service Can Provide?


Metered propane service involves the use of a propane meter to accurately measure and bill customers for the amount of propane consumed. This allows for precise tracking of propane usage, promoting efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

ProPay’s wireless smart meter captures the amount of propane a customer uses. The meter sends information to our computer systems through cellular networks, enabling daily tracking and monitoring of the data. That information is then utilized to generate accurate billing statements.  

Installation and setup of your wireless meter and monitor are FREE. If you have propane in your tank at the time of installation, we will record those gallons and credit your Superior Fuel account based on current market rate. You simply pay for the propane you use, when you use it.

If the service technician can access your home or building during the installation, you do not need to be home for the installation.

Yes, one of ProPay’s advantages is that customers can monitor their propane usage. Using our mobile app, you can view real-time data and historical consumption patterns.

No problem! We install meters on customer-owned tanks, too. Call us to schedule your worry-free installation and get signed up today!

To enroll in the ProPay plan, you must be an active Superior Fuel customer. But don’t worry; we make switching to Superior Fuel easy! Call us today at 218-722-2050 to get started.

If you encounter any issues or require service related to your metered propane system, contact us at 218-722-2050 immediately. Our dedicated Customer Service Representatives can assist you.

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