Are you tired of walking out in the cold, snowy weather to check your tank level? Sick of making sure to call us at the correct level to get on route for a fill? Frustrated with the ups and downs of the propane price roller coaster? Take the hassle out of propane with our stable monitored program

When you enroll in our stable monitored program, you sign up for our no run-out guarantee. That’s our promise to keep your tank filled throughout the year, and we back it up with a $250 credit to your account if we fail to keep our promise to you. Our monitored stable program also comes with a downloadable app for your smartphone, available on the App Store or Google Play Store. The app allows you to check your tank levels anywhere, anytime – perfect for your secondary home or cabin. You also have the ability to contact us with the press of a button and notifications when your tank is scheduled for delivery. We are able to track your propane consumption and level in real-time to ensure consistent delivery and satisfaction. There are plenty of ways to spend your time, let’s work together to make propane not one of them. 

We offer this convenient feature with our Stable Pricing plan. Pay one simple, monthly payment to keep your home or cabin heated. Gain the peace of mind you deserve by knowing what you are paying per gallon for the duration of your plan. Don’t worry about paying large bills during the holiday season and spread out your propane costs with us throughout the year. No more worrying, no more large bills, more time to spend on things that matter. Call us to put a monitor on your tank today!