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My Experience as a Graphic Designer in the Propane and Fuel Oil Industry

Hi, my name is Danielle Able, but everyone calls me Dani. I am a recent graduate from The University of Minnesota Duluth with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and an emphasis in Marketing. I joined the Superior Fuel family in February of this year. I came in as a Graphic Designer with no prior knowledge of Propane or Fuel Industry. The first step was to educate myself with the company and business. Through a lot of research, I have found that a local business has a huge advantage over large national & international companies marketing towards current and new customers. Customers are our focal point when creating our compelling visuals in our newsletters, brochures, newspaper ads, social media posts and more. Since marketing is largely digital in this modern era, we have had to grow and adapt to be a part of the change. When I had my initial interview with Joe Benson, our Marketing Manager, and Ryan Gunderson, our President, a quote was said by Ryan that has since stuck with me.

Ryan said he, “Envisions this business to be a marketing company that sells propane.”

To me that was super interesting. When working in an industry that sells commodities you need to focus on customer service and marketing to make your business stand out amongst all these large national & international companies. All propane companies buy propane from the same refineries so the goal is to provide customers with better value and long-term savings. My job thus far would be explained as fast moving marketing. We always have to stay current and create new things to grab people’s attention and get them engaged. One day I could be working on one project and the next I could have two to three new ones. The fast pace has been exciting and I have absolutely loved working here. I look forward to helping this company grow and open up some exciting doors into the Graphic Design and Marketing world of Propane and Fuel Oil.

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