Every time a transaction takes place, a choice is made. Most don’t realize the power of their purchase and choose where to patronize based on what would benefit them the most at that point in time. In reality, buying your morning coffee from the local café instead of Starbucks benefits the community more than you may think.
The same philosophy can be applied to every dollar you spend. The larger the transaction, the greater effect it has on the community. The local multiplier effect is the additional economic benefit given to a community from money being spent locally. When a dollar is spent online or at a large corporations, there is a very small chance that the same dollar will ever return to the community. Alternatively, when a dollar is spent within a community it is reinvested 4-5 times, bringing the total value of the dollar to $1.66. This number is the current U.S. national average. Certain communities have achieved a $2 community investment per dollar spent locally. The more people actively trying to spend locally, the greater the multiplier.
Supporting locally owned businesses like us help create communities that are better off than those dominated by massive corporations. Many of the areas of the community benefit from spending local. Most notably; local wages and benefits, jobs, social well-being and inequality. The common finding among these benefits is that large corporations have a dramatically lower level of interest in the overall health of the community, so long as their own company continues to profit. This leads to detrimental effects within communities. 
We don’t think that way. We believe that there are more important things than a bottom line. When the communities we serve succeed, we succeed. 
There is nothing more important to us than a happy customer, which is why we do our best to provide quality service to all of our friends, family and neighbors. When you decide to partner with us for your propane and fuel oil needs, you decide to invest in your community. We are proud to be the last local propane provider on the North Shore.