This past week, I sat down with Robert and Ryan, the leadership behind one of the last local propane and fuel oil suppliers in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Back in 2006, Robert used the experience he gained from working with his father growing up to start a propane and fuel company of his own. He envisioned a better way to run a fuel company, to operate in a way that puts the customer first. Robert was inspired by the changing airline environment, the hub and spoke method was taking over and businesses that failed to adapt went under. He took that practice and implemented it into what is now Superior Fuel, giving us a competitive advantage over the huge, corporate companies that weren’t from the area.

Now that he had a business model, Robert needed some manpower. 

Ryan was the first employee of Superior Fuel. He had previous experience driving for other propane companies and was excited to move to a company with a progressive mindset. His knowledge of the industry and first-hand experience in the field led him to become the operating president of the company today. Ryan has the ability to cover all ends of the propane spectrum. He is able to make strategic business decisions as well as understand the day-to-day activities of drivers.

Together, and with the help of some really smart people, they took Superior Fuel from nothing to what it today. The only company in the area that offers fixed pricing throughout the entire year. A local company that has gained the trust of local people due to our long-term benefits, friendly customer service and advancements in propane technology. 

“We wanted to utilize technology and efficiencies to give better customer service, better value and better pricing.” – Ryan Gunderson, President

Superior Fuel has acquired several companies throughout the last few years due to our extensive growth. We have expanded into new markets and extended our service area in the process. For more detailed information on our growth history, visit our about page. Even with advances in technology, good customer service and better pricing programs, none of this would be possible without the support from our communities.

If you’ve read this far, know that we appreciate your support, and we are proud to continue to be one of the last local propane and fuel oil companies.