What to Expect When Making the Superior Fuel Switch

Superior Shield Expected Costs You call us, you have a pleasant conversation with one of our reps, you sign the document emailed to you, service calls you to schedule a day to come out, we come out and complete the necessary work. Then what? You will be billed! I know, the worst part about the entire onboarding process but obviously integral to our business staying open. The silver lining is that we are open about what we charge for and why, so you don’t have any surprises when you receive your invoice. There are two primary scenarios that you’d receive an invoice outside of your monthly payment. 
  • Tank Switch Out
    • This applies to you if you’ve already got a propane tank (typically 500 gallon) hooked up to your home or cabin. We don’t charge for a switch out, as most of the work has been done already. We will come, set our tank, pump over any remaining gallons out of your existing tank into ours, and bring the previous tank to the end of the road for the other company to pick up. We then perform a 20 point safety inspection to ensure all appliances are running properly and the entire system is checked to ensure a safe connection. We then schedule you for a fill to top your tank off. For this process, you will be charged for three things. Your first fill – this is a charge placed outside of your monthly payments at a lower price per gallon. We do this so you don’t immediately start your budget plan in the hole. Your first budget payment – this is based on the total amount of gallons you’ve contracted for the year and the lock-in price per gallon on your contract, divided by 12. Lastly you will be charged a delivery fee – which is around $10/delivery. This is a charge that every propane company charges their customers but few openly disclose. We aim to reduce the amount of deliveries you’ll receive by offering a 1,000 gallon tank rather than a 500. 
  • New Install
    • This applies to you if you’re hooking up propane gas system for the first time. You will be charged for the same three items as a switch out (first fill, first budget payment and delivery fee) , your pre-filled gallons (we fill our tank to 5% before we set it to ensure there’s enough propane to test the system after the installation is complete – this is charged at the first fill price per gallon) and our flat rate new install charge. For new installs, we charge $199. This includes enough copper to place your tank 10 feet away from your home or cabin, a second stage regulator (attached to home or cabin) and the 20 point safety inspection to ensure the system is set up properly. 
As you can imagine, there are plenty of different scenarios we’ve came across for both tank switch outs and new installs. Depending on the scenario, you could be charged more or less. No matter what, our service department will inform you before the job has been started the job’s estimated total cost. Upon the Service Technician arriving at your home and actually completing the work, you will be informed by them if there are any variances in the work they’ve done that would result in additional charges. 

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