Don’t Be Fooled By Low Propane Prices

Bait and Switch Pricing, by definition, is the illegal process of luring customers into the store with unrealistically low prices, then attempting to sell higher-priced goods with the pretext that the advertised lower-priced goods are sold out. As you can imagine, when it comes to propane companies, the tactics are shifted a bit. 

Imagine you are a potential residential propane customer looking to set up a tank for your home or cabin. Where would you start? The first logical step is to ask your friends, family and neighbors who heat with propane where they buy their gas, and how much they pay for it. Maybe you hear mixed reviews from them and attempt to call around or search Google for companies that serve your area. You give a few of them a call and are pleased to find out that multiple propane suppliers are prepared to offer you your first fill at a rate lower than the people you spoke with pay. Even better, they are willing to continue filling you throughout your first year as a customer at a lower rate than others pay! How could this be? A company prioritizing you over their long-term customers? Is this too good to be true?

Sadly, it is. 

Because once the promotional price is over, you’ll be paying a higher rate – if you’re lucky. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll end up paying a lot more
This is what happens every year to hundreds of Northern MN and WI residents. Our competitors do everything they can to get you to sign up with them and then make it a headache to switch after you realize they’re not all they made themselves out to be. Many of our competitors reward loyalty with higher prices. Their model is, “the longer you stay, the more you pay”. Superior Fuel’s goal is to provide fair and consistent pricing to all of those we serve.

At Superior Fuel, transparency with our customers is our priority. Because without you, we wouldn’t be here, proudly serving the northland. 

So give us a call, find out why so many people are making the switch to Superior Fuel, and gain the peace of mind that you deserve. At Superior Fuel, we don’t have customers; we have friends, family and neighbors. 

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