Propane in America

90% of the propane consumed by Americans each year is produced right here in the United States. The other 10% comes from our neighbors, Canada and Mexico. Americans use about 10 billion gallons of propane every year, making the liquified petroleum gas 2% of our country’s energy consumption. 

The United States exports more propane than any other country in the world, generating $11.3 billion in 2017. We currently hold 38% of the propane export total globally. Propane trade, while smaller in comparison to natural gas, is a very consistent part of the revenue generated by the country. Recent trends in liquified propane point towards a positive future for the United States within this revenue generation. The global propane market is expected to reach $106.5 Billion by 2025, partially caused by increasing demand in Asian countries. This year, America has averaged over 1 million barrels of propane exported per day!

What does all of this information tell us? That buying propane, and ideally buying propane locally, is the most patriotic thing you can do!

Just kidding.

In all seriousness, propane is and has been a staple within the American economy for years. The industry provides thousands of jobs to citizens across the country, including all of us at Superior Fuel. There are many reasons to switch your energy consumption, like the higher efficiency and lower pollution rate. In a cold-climate 3,600 square-foot home, propane would save the homeowner around $600 annually. Additionally, propane’s efficiency means it produces 10 metric tons less in CO2 emissions than electric in this example. 

So next time you think about propane, think about lessening your impact on the environment, keeping more of your money in your pocket and supporting America.

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