Propane Tank Maintenance

Winter is here, and with it, lots of snow. We’re only a couple weeks into December and we are already feeling Mother Nature’s wrath here in the northland. With over 25 inches of snow on the ground already in some parts of Northern Minnesota, we wanted to inform our community on how to properly maintain your propane tank throughout the winter. 

There are two tasks that are pertinent to maintaining your propane tank throughout the winter: shoveling a path to the tank and clearing the top and sides of the tank of snow.

If you’ve been a customer with us before, you’ve probably heard one of our representatives instruct you to clear a path to your tank. We ask you to do this so our drivers can easily access your tank to provide you with propane upon you needing a fill. A clear path to your tank includes more than just a path through the yard. Making sure your driveway and road are clear of deep snow is also crucial for our drivers to come to your house and do their job. We pride ourselves in quality, local service and need your help to deliver on our promise to keep our customers warm and happy throughout the colder months.

The second task towards proper propane tank maintenance is clearing the tank of snowfall accumulation. Clearing the top and sides of your propane tank is critical for proper functioning throughout the winter. The two biggest risks of snowfall accumulation and icing conditions are propane/gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. With heavy snow accumulation weighing down on the tank, fittings and joints can shift, causing leaks that can accumulate in pockets of the surrounding snow or make their way into your home. This poses a risk of an explosion and is why you should clear the sides of your tank as well as the top. Carbon monoxide poisoning risks are heightened when the vents on your home appliances haven’t been cleared. 

If you smell gas, follow these guidelines. Your safety is our priority. Please don’t hesitate to call our number if you feel that you or your family are at risk. 

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